About Walk In The Shadows

Walk in the Shadows (WITS) launched its first full podcast in the summer of 2022 and everything you hear is researched, written and produced by me, Tim Woolworth.

You may have heard me previously on a podcast or radio show over the years. If you have stumbled upon sites like ITC Voices or Paranormal Study from a Google search, you have read some of my research already. You might have even seen me on your television set or attended a conference where I have been a lecturer or featured ghost hunter. In short, I have worked hard to educate the public on paranormal topics for well over a decade, and in doing so I also educate myself on paranormal topics. If you want to see where I’ve been and what I’ve done in the paranormal, you can click here for my paranormal resume.

After being behind the mic for so many interviews, I realized that I needed to work on a project of my own. I also realized it needed to be different.

I didn’t want to create just another interview paranormal podcast where the person interviewed has been heard on 10 other podcasts in the same month.

I wanted to explore the unknown by assertively digging right into the meat of a subject.

With these things in mind, I purchased some gear and began plotting out how things would go. I teamed up with an engineer, Joshua Sean, who lives on the west coast (I’m in Michigan) and he does all the work to make every episode of WITS that you download an enjoyable listening experience. Joshua is responsible for all the creative soundscapes we use to separate sections of each podcast – did you know they are created, from scratch, bespoke for every episode?

We are still learning, so there will be bumps in the road.

We are still upgrading and tweaking our sound. It takes a while for a podcast to find its voice. We’re getting there quickly.

What do we cover?

Walk in the Shadows embraces all things strange, weird, unexplainable, mysterious and unexplored in our paranormal world. Whether the subject is tulpas, chupacabras, remote viewing, supernatural places, PSI or other like topics often hidden in the shadows, we walk headfirst towards them to try and understand our weird world better.

WITS hits a topic hard with research. I try to embrace the breadth of a topic over a few shows between the free episodes and our Shadow Realm bonus content. The topics, since they are covered over multiple shows, are categorized into seasons. Over the course of a season you will hear many stories, some theory and practical use if applicable. In short, you will be much more educated on a topic by the time you get to the end of a season. There are few, if any, paranormal podcasts that tackle subject matter they way we are doing, so here’s hoping you like the end result!

If you like what we are doing here at Walk in the Shadows, please like and subscribe to the podcast; leave a review; tell a friend and maybe even donate a little to help us keep going. There is a one-time donation button in the header of this website. Or, if you want to be a sustaining member, we have a Shadow Realm set-up where you can donate. Should you become a Shadow Person, you will get a little something in the mail every few months from us to show our gratitude and access to additional bonus episodes for each season, insights into the podcast, documents, and even access to own private Discord server where we host Ask Me Anything sessions.


As a quick side note, we have an online store that is rapidly growing. We try to add new merchandise for every podcast season and we hope to see you at a conference one day soon sporting some WITS gear.

Our merchandise is made by a third party and is directly fulfilled and drop shipped to your home by the manufacturer. This way you get the newest merchandise made just for you.

You can check out our WITS merchandise by clicking on the link in the menu up top, or by simply clicking on the image below. If there is something you’d like to see in the store (example a sweatshirt design on a long-sleeve T-shirt, women’s cut, etc.), let us know and we’ll see if we can get it made for you.

Nosferatu Creeping Up the Stairs WITS Logo Sticker
Nosferatu Creeping Up the Stairs WITS Logo Sticker

If you have an episode idea, a comment upon a topic, or would like to reach us for any other reason, you can always email us through our main email address: contact@walkintheshadows.com.