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Shadow Realm

It costs a lot of money and time to put together every single episode of Walk in the Shadows. Right now, we are doing it because we love this stuff. To make the product better and to put out more episodes requires income.

That’s where the home of our Shadow Realm, Patreon, comes in.

If you dig what we are doing, you can help to make this product better for a less than the cost of a used book each month.

We are hoping to hire a researcher and an audio editor to streamline the process and allow the show to come out regularly without delay. To do this, the podcast needs to bring in enough money to cover the additional expenses.

If you become one of our Shadow People, not only will you have my continued gratitude, you will also have a little gift arrive at your door every three months or so, no matter where you are in the world. Plus, you’ll get access to bonus episodes, access to our Discord server for discussions, a head’s up on what is coming, Ask Me Anything sessions, and other benefits.

If you would like to make a single, one-time donation instead, there is a donate button at the top of this page in the header.

If you don’t want to donate or join our Patreon, you will still get access to high quality audio and information. I hope that you stick around for a long while, because we have years of topics in mind for you that are deep dives into the paranormal.

Thanks for being here and reading this far, I appreciate you. Thanks for walking in the shadows with me.