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Psychic Detectives PT 2: The Kennedy Family

Two clairvoyants, Arthur Price Roberts and Irene Hughes, were impactful psychic detectives that worked with local police to solve crimes

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Two clairvoyants, Arthur Price Roberts and Irene Hughes, were impactful psychic detectives that worked with local police to solve crimes

Following up on the beginning of our paranormal journey into psychic detectives, we were stoked for this second episode as we begin to explore modern cases that were solved by psychics.

We begin the enigma that was Arthur Price Roberts.

Roberts was a Wisconsin clairvoyant born in Wales who worked on cases and solved them with uncanny accuracy for over fifty years. He reached deep into his subconscious mind for psychic impressions when he was working a case and it was usually delivered. He found bodies and missing persons with ease. He was even able to see the future, and his predictions about the Mad Bomber of Milwaukee were well documented – by the police!

Then we look into the Chicago Seeress, Irene Hughes. Blessed with second sight from a very young age, she worked on over 2000 cases with the police during her lifetime. She also had visions about the Kennedy family tragedies, an incident regarding NASA, and so much more. Price was one of the first exceptionally prolific psychic detectives on record.

Our Patreon supporters will have access to a couple more bonus episodes on this topic that are pretty cool – like a psychic detective solving a case robbery involving both a militant organization and famed artist.

There is much more to come in this series and we really hope you enjoy it.

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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