Psychic Vampire Lady with Aura
Psychic Vampire Lady with Aura

Psychic Vampire Characteristics

The following is a list of psychic vampire characteristics that we covered in Season 3, Episode 2 “Psi-Vamps.”

Because this list was a but much to digest during the episode, you may wish to have a visual copy for easy reference. With this mind, we hope that you find this content to be beneficial should you ever encounter a psychic vampire.

The following content was taken from Dr. Joe Slate’s book entitled Psychic Vampires. The Psi-Vamps are very complex, and Dr. Slate was able to distill this complexity down to a few key traits shared amongst all psychic vampires.

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7 Vampire Characteristics

Psychic vampirism demands a victim. The end results are always detrimental for both vampire and host victim.

Psychic vampires have no special powers. They, in fact, operate from a position of weakness rather than strength. Typically underdeveloped or impaired in their ability to generate self-sustaining energy, they turn in desperation to other strategies in their efforts to meet their energy needs.

Psychic vampirism is a cultural universal – it exists in one form or another around the world. Even the most highly advanced cultures are vulnerable to the multiple forms of psychic vampirism.

A wide range of conditions can provide fertile breeding grounds for psychic vampirism.Examples are personal crises, thwarted growth, unresolved conflict, and severe stress as well as certain cultural conditions such as social unrest and class resentments.

Psychic vampirism occurs in varying degrees of intensity. It often begins as a mild impulse, then progressively increases to become a dominant force in the life of the psychic vampire.

The long-term consequences of psychic vampirism are enormously detrimental. For the vampire, they can include a rapid depletion of inner resources, and eventually, a total blockage of the growth process. For the victim, they can include a host of mental and physical symptoms.

The psychic vampire attack can be either deliberate or spontaneous. Although psychic vampire episodes are often intentionally initiated by the vampire, they can spontaneous and, in some instances, unconscious. Strange as it may seem, psychic vampirism can become a consensual component in certain social relationships.

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