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Storyteller Special: H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Festival”

A reading of HP Lovecraft’s “The Festival,” a yuletide short story involving unease, cosmic horror, madness and the Necronomicon.

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A reading of HP Lovecraft’s “The Festival,” a yuletide short story involving unease, cosmic horror, madness and the Necronomicon.

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This is the first of our Storyteller Special episodes. In these episodes, we will read a short story by some of our favorite authors.

In this episode, we bring you H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Festival” written in 1923. This oft forgotten short story coincides with the day it is has been released, Yule.

Yuletide consists of the last ten days of the year, beginning on December 21st and ending on January 1st. It is a time of celebration and has been for countless generations.

Lovecraft envisions an ancient celebration in this short story as the narrator is called back to the city of his forefathers, Kingsport, to partake in a family tradition. Upon arriving, the narrator is swept up in the beauty of the 17th century town which seems to have eschewed the advances of modern society.

He soon learns what the ancient rite of celebration is.

“The Festival” invokes a setting that is contrarian to the city and Lovecraftian elements come into play: unease, cosmic horror, madness, and of course, the Necronomicon.

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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