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The Vampire PT 1: Magia Posthuma

This episode features case files from Magia Posthuma – the 18th century European vampire craze

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This episode features case files from Magia Posthuma – the 18th century European vampire craze

Vampires have always had a dark allure for me. I simply love the topic through and through and I wanted to shed some light on their dark world.

In this first episode, we focus on historical vampires. You will learn about some vampire depictions going back as long as humanity has had written records.

We then move forward through to the 18th century where a vampire craze overtook Central Europe. The fear of vampires and actions taken to combat them was so pronounced that this period in time has been given a name: Magia Posthuma, or roughly translated, Posthumous Magic.

In this episode, we look into some of the pre-eminent cases of the Magia Posthuma era. Famous cases such as Jure Grando, Arnold Paole, and of course, Peter Plogojoviz demonstrate that vampires of the golden age weere more than blood drinkers – they drained the life force of their victims. 

This draining of life force was done through throttling, or forced strangulation of their victims. A victim was typically strangled over the course of several days until they reached their final demise.

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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