A blurred, mysterious figure with glowing eyes, standing next to a forest. With an artistic, abstract edit.

Welcome to Walk In The Shadows – Our Podcast Introduction

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In this inaugural trailer for the Walk in the Shadows podcast, you will meet me, your host Tim Woolworth. In this trailer, you will learn what Walk in the Shadows is all about.

Spoiler alert: This show will cover all the profoundly weird things in our world. We will dive into paranormal and supernatural topics like ghosts, UFOs and aliens, ESP, monsters and other strange creatures, plus mysterious places like the Bermuda Triangle. 

What sets this podcast apart from other paranormal podcasts is that I have been reading about things Fortean since I was a child. I am a renowned paranormal researcher and conference lecturer. People pay to see me talk about paranormal topics at conferences; you will get the same quality content for free with every episode of Walk in the Shadows.

Give this episode a quick listen so you can familiarize yourself with the sound of my voice and to bump that intro and outro music that will bookend every episode. 

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We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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