Tombstones of Highgate Cemetery, London

The Vampire PT 4: Highgate Cemetery

An episode about vampire hunters, magicians, cultists and a magician’s duel due to the vampire that lurked in Highgate Cemetery.

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An episode about vampire hunters, magicians, cultists and a magician’s duel due to the vampire that lurked in Highgate Cemetery.

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Imagine a sprawling cemetery overgrown with foliage and graves split asunder by tree roots. Vaults are busted open so one can peer down into crypts, and gravestones jut out in every direction due to the forces of nature pushing up from below.

And among this scene, a figure lurks. Those that see it are drained until the brink of death in their own homes. Then, one of the victims has the telltale mark of the vampire – two bite marks on her neck.

To solve the problem, a vampire exorcist attempts to rid the cemetery of the vampire. So too does a necromancer and their paths collide in a very public fashion.

This episode has vampire exorcisms, stakes through the heart, and even a victim turned vampire…and this was only about 50 years ago.

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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