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Psychic Detectives PT 1: Jack the Ripper

Our first episode of the Psychic Detectives series features two historical cases that may have been solved via the work of psychics.

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Our first episode of the Psychic Detectives series features two historical cases that may have been solved via the work of psychics.

This is the first episode where we begin our exploration of psychic detectives.

In researching this episode, we found it ever fascinating that psychic detectives go back almost as far as criminal courts. In fact, we look at a case from several hundred years ago in this episode where a ghost helped to find and convicts its murderers. It sounds crazy, but it is absolutely true.

Also in this episode we cover two cases in brief where missing persons had been located, at over half a continent away, through psychic detective work.

Finally, we cover a big case you are sure to be somewhat aware of: Jack the Ripper. You’ll learn about a psychic detective where had their visions been heeded, then the Ripper may not have continued his notorious spree of homicide.

This series will contain cases that could not have been solved as quickly as they were without the help of psychic detectives. We will profile numerous cases, several psychic detectives, and also look into a little bit of theory in this series.

Our Patreon supporters will have access to a couple more bonus episodes on this topic that are pretty cool – like a psychic detective solving a case robbery involving both a militant organization and famed artist.

There is much more to come in this series and we really hope you enjoy it.

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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